See how Phoenix plans to allocate $198 million from American Rescue Plan

See how Phoenix plans to allocate 8 million from American Rescue Plan

PHOENIX – The city of Phoenix will receive approximately $ 396 million in two equal installments from the American Rescue Plan Act, the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package passed in March that aims to combat the economic and social effects of Covid- 19 pandemic is intended to contribute. At its political session on Tuesday, Phoenix City Council approved the strategic plan for the distribution of the first installment, $ 198 million. “This plan takes care of our residents, from youngest to oldest,” Mayor Kate Gallego said in a statement. “Companies are still suffering from the effects of the Covid recession. We’ll help you get back on your feet. Older adults will be able to receive healthy eating and dementia care, and children will have access to technology to aid them in learning and activities to keep them busy after school. ”The lion’s share of the money, $ 143 million , is provided for “community” investment, ”which covers a wide variety of topics and areas that are funded. Of that $ 143 million, the council allocated $ 40 million to Phoenix arts, business, and employee support programs, including $ 15 million for workforce training and $ 10 million for education programs and 8 $ Million in helping micro and small businesses to help those affected by Covid-19 and light rail development. The move also provides $ 1 million to the artist program to hire artists for projects. Read more about this story in the Phoenix Business Journal.