Phoenix man accused of stabbing coworker to death

Phoenix man accused of stabbing coworker to death
Phoenix man accused of stabbing coworker to death

A grand jury recently charged 33-year-old Socorro Jurado with killing a colleague he alleged “bullied”, court records show.

PEORIA, Arizona – A Phoenix man was charged by a grand jury of stabbing and killing a colleague who he thought was harassing. Socorro A. Jurado, 33, has been charged with first degree murder after allegedly killing one of his colleagues at a construction company in Peoria.

According to a report by the Peoria police, Jurado is said to have admitted to investigators that he planned to murder a colleague who had mocked him.

The two men worked together on a construction company, and Jurado said the victim and a group of other men were allegedly “looking for him” and “followed” his wife.

“I did this to protect my family,” Jurado reportedly told police.

The day before the victim’s death, Jurado said a group of staff laughed at him and he told police that this was the “last straw”.

On November 24, the suspect came to work and told police he waited for the victim to pass his work table before Jurado pulled out a knife and allegedly stabbed him.

According to the police report, the accused repeatedly stabbed him in the neck and then cut his throat. Court records identify the victim as Sergio Vicada.

The suspect’s father picked him up from work after the stabbing and drove him home. Jurado told police he was considering suicide before deciding to face the authorities.

The accused reportedly told the police that he had no mental health problems. Jurado was taken into custody and appeared in court for the first time on December 2.

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