Phoenix Group is continuously reorienting Supply Chain systems to stay on track with its expansion and growth

Phoenix Group is continuously reorienting Supply Chain systems to stay on track with its expansion and growth
Phoenix Group is continuously reorienting Supply Chain systems to stay on track with its expansion and growth

In the area of ​​the supply chain, reverse logistics is typically an afterthought. However, in the world of high tech electronics and simple consumer returns, reverse logistics plays a key role in delivering the best possible value for retailers. To identify the need, “MIDAS” a data-driven inventory routing engine was introduced. It is an analytics-driven solution that enables reverse logistics operations to determine the appropriate disposition of the product after a series of audits. In addition, the software suite can be tailored across industries and integrated with warehouse management systems (WMS) to maximize the value of the returned product.

Griffyn Robotech was founded in 2018 as part of Phoenix Innovation LLC. Over time it has grown from 20 people to a family of over 100. During this time the company grew by diversifying into product development and strong consulting services. Griffyn Robotech combines the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics and technology to improve lives.

In order to deliver consistent results and to avoid subjectivity in the cosmetic rating system, ‘DEEPSIGHT’ was launched. It eliminates the human weaknesses of human graders and helps the company to build a relationship of trust with the customer by delivering the praised quality device. Often, cosmetic variations are not visible to the human operator. DEEPSIGHT reveals the errors by superimposing them on the raw image by color-coding the highlights. The product was patented in August 2019 in the USA.

2019 was very fruitful for the group as the branches in Canada and Great Britain as Phoenix Analytica and Griffyn Robotech, respectively. In terms of business, the company is growing continuously through the introduction of industry-relevant products as a solution provider.

As waves of the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, Phoenix Innovation introduced a new line of affordable and portable ventilation solutions for the bed. ‘SHWAAS’, a small ventilator, offers cloud connectivity so that the necessary data can be collected and analyzed. With the versatile – invasive, non-invasive and CPAP functions, SHWAAS has significantly upgraded healthcare facilities.

Further products of the group are SCM INSIGHTS (a supply chain analytics platform) and OPTIVITY (flawless gear, cylinder, crankshaft and surface inspection solutions & optical character recognition).

In the age of progress, it has been necessary to strengthen embedded design skills, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and engineering.

In 2021 the group acquired Pune-based bit mapper integration technologies (BMIT). The group plans to combine the high-end FPGA expertise of BMIT and embedded design with their solutions. In the words of Mr. Amit Mahajan“The acquisition of Bit Mapper Integration Technologies was a well-planned approach to providing our customers with better, more effective embedded designs and automated solutions.” Regarding the takeover, he said: “We are very excited to be advancing our embedded design and engineering services with BMIT.

The Phoenix Group operates in four countries and together employs over 400 people. The group is based in Atlanta, GA, and is continuously expanding its field of activity.

Besides being an expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation, Phoenix Innovation also works actively to meet the needs and aspirations of the community. OM Philanthropy was founded in 2021 to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged communities in and around our corporate district. The organization was involved in distributing laptops and tablets to disadvantaged families.

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