Phoenix business owners collecting toys during holidays

Phoenix business owners collecting toys during holidays
Phoenix business owners collecting toys during holidays

To give back to the Valley community, Phoenix business owners collect toys for children.

PHOENIX – It appears that Santa Claus has a couple of new elves and they are all in Phoenix.

A group of small business owners in southern Phoenix come together to collect donated toys that will be given out to children in the community on Christmas Day.

It’s just one way to give back all year round.

Abraham Calvillo is the owner of Que Suave Barbershop. He is part of a group of business owners who collect toys from November through Christmas Eve only to pass out on Christmas Day.

Calvillo and his wife named Project Christmas started it in 2018, the first year they opened their business.

“It was one of those years when you got tired of buying your kids anything they want,” said Calvillo. “We decided what we could do to give something back, so we just went shopping.”

“It started in the first year with the bed of a truck bed, very humble beginning, in the second year we built a 17-foot low loader … probably 1,200 toys and in the third year, by God’s grace, we hit about 3,000 toys. “Said Calvillo.

They haul the toys in trailers, caravanning with show cars and motorcycles.

“I’m just trying to bless someone who is less fortunate,” he said. “The biggest thing we shout into the microphone is ‘remember that day’ – remember someone who went through these projects, came back through these neighborhoods to bless with all my friends, to care for them care, the people, the streets that have risen to us basically. “

For Project Christmas 2021, they are again planning to visit residential projects around South Phoenix and hand out toys to children on Christmas Day.

Calvillo calls it a movement of unity.

“Pretty cool experience,” he said. “Where many people from many different backgrounds come together.”

Calvillo hopes that by organizing projects like this and offering haircuts to the homeless, others will be inspired as they advance.

“Trying to get people out of the homeless community, to escape their situation for a day, and to rebuild it,” he said.

Its main goal is to bring the community together and help others.

Make a difference, a toy … and cut your hair one at a time.

You can find more information about the Christmas project here.

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