Long-standing Phoenix Company to Bring 32 Slim Chickens Locations

Long-standing Phoenix Company to Bring 32 Slim Chickens Locations
Long-standing Phoenix Company to Bring 32 Slim Chickens Locations

A Phoenix company announced plans to bring 32 locations of an Arkansas-based chicken fast food restaurant to the Valley and other cities across Arizona over the next 10 years.

After the West Valley location, which is said to be near the Loop 101 Agua Fria Freeway and Northern Avenue, the company plans to open two to three more restaurants per year in the state in the coming years.

According to a press release on Tuesday, Barnett Management Company’s first Slim Chickens in Metro Phoenix will be built and opened in the West Valley by the end of 2022.

Barnett Management Company plans to open the first location in the West Valley by the end of 2022, with potential locations near Loop 101 and Northern Avenue, and then open two to three per year across the state, including Flagstaff, over a 10 year period , Tucson and Yuma. You are looking for 1 to 2 acre lots for a dining terrace and three-lane drive-throughs near freeways in high-traffic areas. The restaurants that offer chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, 17 homemade dipping sauces and even fried okra and pickles will be open seven days a week.

Arizona Slim Chickens restaurants are operated by Barnett and Shane Jacobs, a partner of Barnett Management and the new restaurant company AZ Slims.

Founded in 1979, the Barnett Management Company with Burger King locations in Phoenix currently owns more than 50 Burger King locations in Arizona and was founded in 2014 by Burger King Corp. Founded CEO Tom Barnett won a Corvette and Rolex watch which he sold immediately to reward his managers. Barnett Management’s partners also added their own money to the cash pool for a total of $ 120,000 in employee bonuses. News that Barnett was converting his grand prize into cash and rewarding his staff quickly spread and went viral from coast to coast. Sample reporting: time, people, ABC news, Grubstrasse, and Arizona Republic.

“We firmly believe in investing in our people and treating people well,” said Barnett. “In our 42 years at Burger Kings in Arizona, all of our managers started in lower positions and worked their way up. Everyone helps and takes care of each other. This philosophy has brought us great success and we expect Slim Chickens in Arizona to do very well with this approach. “

Slim Chickens, based in Arkansas, has a multi-unit strategic franchise growth initiative. The “better-chicken” brand has opened more than 140 locations in the USA and Great Britain. With more than 650 locations under development, the brand’s dynamism cannot be slowed.

“Slim Chickens is one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in the country,” said Jackie Lobdell, vice president of franchise development for Slim Chickens. “I gave Tom Barnett this opportunity because he was highly recommended as an exceptional multi-unit operator. I am very excited about our partnership and the expansion of our brand in Arizona with the Barnett team! “Jacobs, who has over 20 years of QSR experience and has served on several national boards of Burger King Corp. was active, plans innovations for the locations in Arizona.

Slim Chickens restaurants also offer veranda dining as community dining is an important part of the brand. To do justice to the Arizona weather, Jacobs encloses the veranda with high-quality sliding glass doors that open with fog and fans when the weather is nice and close in summer and are cooled with air conditioning. The interiors have a modern design with parquet floors. Jacobs also plans to add a third lane in the driveway, which he calls “Escape Lane”. For transit customers with a small order, a runner brings their food to the car and they can then quickly exit the transit without queuing. The passages on the building are also provided with a permanent cover that is wide enough to shade six to eight cars in fog and light. Several employees will work in the thoroughfares to ensure a quick move.

“There are many other fast food restaurants that want to be innovative, such as an escape lane, but retrofitting an existing building with another lane is expensive. We’ll be opening Arizona’s Slim Chickens from day one with these improvements, ”said Jacobs. “A three-lane drive through takes a lot of traffic and we are confident that Arizona customers will generate that demand.” Barnett and Jacobs fit into the shape of Slim Chickens for business partners, said the chicken restaurant.

“We know other Burger King operators and everyone praises Tom and his team. When we heard the story of his Franchisee of the Year award, we weren’t the least bit surprised. He really is a serving leader, ”said Sam Rothschild, chief operating officer and partner, Slim Chickens Development Company. “At the beginning of this year we were with Tom in a Burger King restaurant in Arizona and a long-time employee greeted him with a hug – it is extremely rare that a restaurant operator with more than 50 locations knows its employees at this level. We continue to be impressed with Tom and Shane’s approach to working with people. It will lead you to great success with Slim Chickens. “Barnett identifies three main characteristics of a successful employee: character, capacity and attitude. He identifies talent and then lets it blossom. As a result, the average tenure of Burger King executives is 10 years, longer than many others in the industry.

Jacobs started his career at Burger King at the age of 16 in the kitchen. On his 10th birthday, he became a partner in the company’s BusinessNS year. Barnett calls him an “Industry Master” because his technology expertise was critical to Barnett Management’s information systems and he also works well with people. In July 2021, Jacobs and other executives traveled to Slim Chickens’ headquarters in Fayetteville, Ark. To work as a crew member in a restaurant for a week. They will be returning for six weeks of additional training before opening their first Arizona location. At this point, Slim Chickens headquarters will be flying a crew of longtime staff to assist with the initial opening in Arizona a week before and a week after, or until the local team is familiar with the process.

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